Monday, May 28, 2007

K and K Classic- How Bizarre

The K and K Classic was the event I missed my last cut in for any tournament around the world.
That was this time in 2005. I made a deal with myself not to do that again.
Kedron bowling centre has like a curse against me, just walking in the doors i felt like something bad was going to happen.
How right was I??
In my first of ten games of qualifying both of my strike balls had their cores inside pop. Another way to explain that is the core had moved inside and the ball rolls about as good as a pumpkin down the lane. The only thing i think that causes this to happen is when bowling balls have been on long plane trips, the temperture is so cold that if the balls get thrown around by baggage handlers it can cause the 'pop'. Well thats what i have been told in the past and i dont know of any other possible ways this can happen.
It has happened to me twice before, once in Dubai and once in Vegas, so when i happened again i knew it straight away.
Not to worry though, i just had to bowl a lot straighter than usual.
I some how spared my way and struck my way to 180 over about 200 off the lead. Still 6 games to go for the top 30 then cut to top 15 for a 3 way, 7 game round robin with bonus pins for wins.
I drilled up a brand new ball that i could get my hands on (Thanks Ryan Burton) and drilled it up (thanks to Brando's Pro Shop) ready for the finals.
The 6 games in the morning I bowled quite good, a couple of bad breaks at the wrong times but all in all i felt like i had a chance to really make a run at the title.
The re-oil occurred after the 6 games, and the players were from 30 to 15. i was sitting 8th about 100 from 2nd and about 250 from first.

When i made my way back to the pairs after lunch to bowl the round robin i noticed my shoes were no longer next to my bowling balls.
I looked up and down each pair of lanes and so did a few of my mates, but no shoes. We made announcements, but still no one found them.
The lanes turned on to practice and i need a pair of shoes.

"Size 11 please" i asked the staff member at the counter.

I had to bowl in house shoes for the whole of the round robin. Let me just say house shoes are not as much fun to bowl in as i see the public enjoying them.
I missed spares left, right and centre. Sliding was so hard to find any consistency, i must of hit my target at the arrows with my first shot about 45% of the time.

I ended up 10th in the event, i was both happy and cranky at that placement. It was nice to bowl ok when your equipment breaks and goes missing, but at the same time I wished i could of bowled full strength.

Queensland, Australia has once again knocked me out of the ring, not sure how many times i can keep getting back in the ring before i throw in the towel.

Jason Belmonte

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