Friday, May 4, 2007

WRM Long Oil

If there is a bowl that you have been too and you think it has AMAZING CARRY, well times that by 100 and that's close to how good the carry here is.
THe pins hit the walls and bounce off them like trampolines. Some of the strikes you see are impossible to produce in a 'normal' bowling centre. So many splits that turn into strikes because pins have bounced from somewhere and taken out 2 or more pins......truly amazing to watch and no matter how much i try and describe it, it has to be seen to be believed.

Because each lane has a CATS on it, you can go to the kegel website (if you click the heading it will take you there) and check out all the stats from all the players for all the games we played. Really cool to see where we were playing, during any game, ball speed and rev rate.

Because pattern ended up really dry, i was throwing the ball over the left gutter and i dont think CATS can read some of the shots because the ball was in the air when it passed the first sensor :)

I bowled up and down today, first few games were great, felt good and the ball looked great, then i hit the transition and a bad pair and i lost a little bit of the feel. But patience is a virtue.
The lanes dried up fast and i made a couple of bad moves, till i finally decided that the ball cant hook in the air :) Over the left gutter, hard and fast, just the way i like it :)

Im sitting in 3rd with the short oil starting tomorrow, check the website for all the complete scores and other info.

Will let you know how i do in the short as soon as i finish


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