Monday, May 7, 2007

WRM- A day to forget

I was the higher seed so i have the option of chosing which pattern the match would start on. I very rarely chose a pattern that i think my oppenent would not prefer, rather i chose the pattern that i think i would bowl better on.
For me on the fresh, the long oil i felt much better. I started the game with a strike then a ringing 10, i slipped at the foul line and missed the spare, followed by 2 more strikes and a solid 7. Peter had an early lead and never looked like missing, he finished the game 258 and when i knew i could not win i moved around the lane to see what else i could do.
The short was awful, never had a clue where i was to stand or throw the ball. The pattern felt so different. I had 2 opens in the first 5 frames, Peter spared the 3rd frame and struck the rest, for a nice 279. He had 537 total and i would of needed 3 games to beat it.
Peter bowled great, and even if i bowled well im not sure if i could of kept up. I wish him all the best and i hope he goes on to win.

Now i know I am a little cranky about losing and this may seem that i am having a whinge, but hear me out.
As bowlers we play on some ridculas formats, most go by with out too many people saying anything but this event, THE WORLD RANKING MASTERS could be the worst format for bowling in the world.
This event is supposed to show case 'who' the best bowler in the world is. Osku lead this event by 200, i was next and we are both sitting in the grand stands watching the semi finals???
24 games on short, long and duel patterns and then we play best of 3???
Does that make sence to you??
Wonder how Tiger Woods would feel after leading a major, then been told to play 3 more holes against someone he beat by a truck load.

This is the problem we have with bowling.....The best does not always win, and this week OSKU was the best and he is having a beer as we speak!


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