Sunday, May 13, 2007

Vi är svenska mästare!!! (We are Swedish Champions)

Like the heading suggests, Pergamon won!!!!

What a day, drums and songs sung all day, the crowd fuelling the players to perform. THE BEST FUN BOWLING I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!!!!!
Knowing each one of your team members is behind you, willing you to strike is a feeling hard to describe. Its unlike any other team bowling i have ever seen or experienced.
Pergamon dominated each game and i personally bowled much better today. i averaged 245 for my bowling and it felt GOOD!

Our flight back to Gothenberg leaves in a few hours where the party will start. When Alex says he is having a party, its not your usual party i have been told.
He always finds ways to exceed his last party, and because this was Pergamon's 5th straight win (which no other Swedish team has ever done) i am sure tonight will be massive.

I'll be heading home tomorrow night and i cant wait to get back to the sandy shores of Australia. Although travelling is fun, i miss home so much. I miss all my mates, my family and more than anything else my wonderful fiancé Kimberly. Only 48 hours till i am home sweet home.


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