Thursday, May 3, 2007

World Ranking Masters warm up

Kegel training centre is something quite unique. Its a 12 lane bowling centre inside a 75000 square foot building.
Lake Wales is the city the bowling centre is in, but im staying in another city called Winter Haven about 20 minutes away.
The best way i can describe both places is........Dry, boring, hot and middle of no where. There really is nothing to do.
I went to the bowl to have a warm up and test the lanes out. The centre is set up to perfection, regarding the lanes. Each lane is perfectly flat, has perfect lane surface and each lane has C.A.T.S (Computer Aided Tracking System). C.A.T.S is amazing, it gives you exact read outs of how fast you bowled, which board you hit and how many revs you place on each shot.
Something that has revolutionised coaching.
The carry at this bowl is so good its stupid. I expect the scoring pace to be massive for the event.

Will keep you up to date with how the event goes when it starts


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