Saturday, May 12, 2007

Swedish League Finals

Sundsvall in Sweden is the city that is hosting the league finals. League in Sweden is unlike league back home, each player joins a club and they travel to play against another team, kind of like a footy season.
I joined team Pergamon about 18 months ago and this is my first ever league match.
8 players on each team, with 1 sub, play a total of 4 games in the doubles format. Pretty much its doubles team VS doubles team on each pair for 1 point and 1 point for the team who has the highest pin fall over all the lanes for that game. So 5 points maximum for each game, 20 total for the set and we play a best of 3 match.

We played the first set against Falkenberg. The lanes played alot different to the practice session but Pergammon did what we had to do to win the first set.
My team tonight consisted of Me, Osku Palermaa, Tore Torgersern, Tomas LeAnderson, Martin Larsen, Robert Anderson and the sub was Par Svensson
So on paper that team is extremely strong and we proved that on the lanes.
What makes this event so cool???
There is LIVE STREAMING of the event, you can see us play frame per frame, on each pair with Swedish commentary :) The link is click the big blue pic/words in the middle of the page and it will bring it up. Also from ball one to the final ball drums are played loud and crowd is chanting songs like at a soccer match.
Pergamon has over 80 supporters here and each one screamed till it hurt. The supporters were flown from Gothenberg (where Pergamon is station) by a man called Alex Kotton. Alex owns Pergamon and he is the guy you have heard of, that you wished you knew :)
Alex is far from any financial worries and loves bowling, but more than he loves bowling he loves Pergamon and its players and its supporters more.

We play the next set tomorrow against the same team, if we win that set we are through to the grand final.......If we bowl the way we should, we will be bowling for the title.

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