Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Home sweet home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like the old saying goes......"There is no place like home". I have missed home a heap and to drive down the main street of Orange, although it's not very long :) was wonderful.

After 30 plus hours sitting on planes or in airports, i was greeted in Sydney by my parents who made the trip to Sydney to pick me up, i would of driven myself but the police had decided to take my licence off me for the 3rd time, they think i drive too fast?? Only 4 more weeks left and ill be legally aloud to drive again.

Orange may not be the most exciting or exotic place i have been to in the last 5 weeks, but to me it the best. It's the perfect place to come home too, small quite and friendly. Plus all my friends, family and my wonderful girl Kimberly are here and i have missed them so much.
Can't wait for the home lunches and dinners ill be served by all the family, boy have i missed them too :)

I have league tonight, but something tells me after the 2 days of travel and the constant bowling over the past 5 weeks, i can treat myself to a little rest and forfeit.

Not sure what i am bowling in next, hopefully something in Australia. Will keep you all updated though.


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