Tuesday, June 12, 2007

1st @ Melbourne Cup 2007

Melbourne Cup has been an event i have had great success at.
I won in 2002 and 2004 (and now 2007) and ran top 3 every year in between 2002-2007.

This is a special tournament too. It has a different format and the prizes you can win (un-cut diamonds) makes this event one of Australia's biggest.

This year would be the last time this event was to be held at the Ed Fleming Lanes in Melbourne. The bowling centre is closing down and re-locating so i really wanted to do well.

The first day of qualifying did not go to as planned. 8 games and i was sitting 6th. I missed a bunch of spares and was not very happy with myself. I knew that if i was to win this event i would have to spare everything i left and find, then keep, great timing.

The next 8 games qualifying was much better. I shot 320 something over and made every spare and at the end of the 16 games qualifying i was in the lead by 100, from great mate Jarrod Lean.

The finals are very funny. Top 30 make the first round where all the even numbered place finishes after qualifying (2nd, 4th, 6th etc) play a round robin, 3 to a pair with 20 extra pins for a win, 10 for 2nd and 0 for last on the pair. The odd numbered bowlers did the same.

Pin fall is carried over all the way.

After that the top 15 then make the final. Where again 3 way round robin, 20 pins for a win, 10 for 2nd and 0 for last.

I bowled great all day. I won by over 200 pins from Andrew McArthur and George Frilingos (both lefties, which makes the win even more sweet haha) I never missed a spare (till i knew i had won) and felt like i could strike on almost every shot.
I averaged 240 for the round robin (14 games) and won all my matches bar 3.
I won the 2007 Melbourne Cup for the a record 3rd time and this year the diamond was the biggest ever.
0.62 of a carrot worth $5,500. Plus $3,500 for the event in cash.
But even more special than that was i had taken Kimberly along with me this year, so to win with her there to share in the excitment was even cooler. She is for sure my lucky charm, wish i could take her everywhere!!!!!!!!

So, all in all not a bad weekends work if i do say so myself.

Next stop on the tour calender in Viva Las Vegas, for the High Roller. I will be trying to defend my title that i won in Feb earlier this year.......till then be good to your mum!


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