Sunday, July 1, 2007


"Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas"

Thats the sign you see as soon as you drive into Las Vegas.

My trip started in Orange, we had a terrible snow storm and all roads to get to Sydney were closed. I drove 3 hours in the other direction so i could drive around the snow (where the roads were open) total drive time was almost 8 hours, plus the 14 hours to LA, plus the 1 hour to San Fransico and then on top of that Victor Meyerhoff (one of my best mates from the states) drove 9 hours to Vegas, total travel time 32 hours to Vegas.

Vegas is simply one of those cities that anything you want, need or see can be done at any time any day.

The bowling tournament is at Sam's Town Hotel Casino. Its a cowboy style casino, really targeted at the older generations and is not a place i would say it worth visiting, but that where the High Roller is, so this is the most logically place to stay.

There are 3 events on at Sam's Town. The high roller, the A Game and the Red Hot. I bowled tonight to try and qualify for the A Game, bowled greatm 130 over for 5 games and have made the semi finals, which start tomorrow.

Vegas is hot this time of year, i mean it is a desert :) so shorts and shirts are all you need. I hope to maybe have some relax time and hit the swimming pool.

Will keep you updated day by day...hope i keep having good news


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