Wednesday, July 4, 2007

How your luck can change!

Las Vegas..... A place where in a single moment your luck can change from great to crappy and of course crappy to great.

I played in the high roller again today, i bowled well but the cut scores were so high again that an un-timely corner pin would be the difference from 240 to 220 and of course that it can take to knock you out of any round. No cash for Jason again at the high roller :(
Good news for the Aussies though is that Glen "Chip" Loader bowled great and made it not only to the cashing round but he went on to make it to the super final of the high roller, giving him a chance to win the main event.
So just wanted to say WELL DONE CHIP!!!!!!

After the high roller qualifying was a $5000 sweeper. 3 games in a set, 2 squads and the best scores over both squads gives you there placings.
My first attempt was miserable. I bowled games 142, 143 and 144. Ok so i didnt try for the whole set but i had no look, no chance of cashing.....nothing.
I debated with myself if i should just call it a night and try and forget that today ever happened, or have one more go and hope a miracle occured.

Well a miracle did occur, i shot 268, 268 and 222 (758) to win the sweeper and the money.
My day went from a nightmare to a kick arse dream :)
I have so much more confidence now and i am ready to throw a million strikes for the rest of the week.

As one of my best mates Andrew Frawley would say.............IT'S GAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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