Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Not to plan!

Ok so i started bowling for the high roller today.

Its simple......1 game, beat 3/4 of your division move into the 2nd round. From there beat 1/2 of the guys in your division, the you claim $1000 (sweet) and then on the to 3rd round. The 3rd round, again in your division you take the top 6 scores, those top scores then reward you a spot in the rand final.

I played 3 games. 237, 233 and 236, It wasnt till then 3rd attempt i made the 2nd round. The scores are extremly high this year, normally 215 makes the first cut and 200 makes the 2nd round for a $1000......not this time.

But thats Vegas, today was today and you can bet every dollar in your pocket that tomorrow will be totallt different.....lets hope so.

Talk again soon


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