Monday, July 9, 2007

Thats how the high roller goes!

To win the high roller you need a combination of skill and lucky. You can not make it on skill alone and no matter how lucky you are, you need skill to have any chance.
Now if you are not on your game and you dont have any luck, you will be exiting the event in the 1st i did.

I bowled well for 4 frames of the game, my opponent bowled well for 5 frames, he had more luck than i did, hence when he through a bad shot it struck, when i did it was split.
I have only myself to blame though, dont get me wrong, it should never of come down to luck to win the first match. If i bowl well, then i have the match won early and thats the end of the story, but i played awful.

Dis-appointing is really the only word that comes to mind, but i am young, i will getover this loss and i know the next time i put my shoes on, i would have forgotten this horrible end to a great event.


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