Sunday, February 24, 2008

Belmonte Vs Duke

Round of 16

Me VS one of the grestest to ever roll a ball down the lane. Norm Duke.

I felt great, no nerves, i felt like i had nothing to lose. The match started with me behind the 8 ball. I struck everytime on the right lane, never on the left lane. I dont know what happened, iun oractice they were the same but when the lights came on it changed.
Duke had the nut and was ready to sweep me i think.

I made a big change in the 2nd game and shot 266, Duke's ball played tricks on him like mine did to me in the first game.

3rd game, the transition of the lane screwed me again, and Duke found something. 4th game, i made another big move and shot 278 and felt like i had a reaction i could win the match with.
Duke shot 150 and looked lost, but like all champions, he went to his bag, pulled out another ball and proceeded to strike 21 our of 24. My reaction stayed and i couldnt match it with him. I simply got out bowled. He proved that to be the very best, you need more than just skill and talent, you need experiance. He knew exactly what he needed to do and did it perfectly.

I lost to Duke 4-2 but i felt like i didnt just give him the match, i thought i made him play his best to win.

Frawls on the other hand just keeped on winning, his last match the most thrilling.

I was asked to do some commentary for the internet PBA show Strike Pass, it was an honour and even better i got to call the Big Daddy's game live over the web.

I was over the top when it came to showing the emotion i was feeling for the big daddy. Every open he left i felt a sharp pain in my belly and every strike i would yell at the top of my lungs "GAME ON BIG DADDY"
But his last match before the show was to be his hardest by far. Wes Malott, ranked in the top 5 of the best bowlers of the PBA.

Wes was leading Andrew 2-0, but thats when the Frawls turnded it all around. 1041 for his last 4 and Wes didnt know what happened. He is the in the top 5 players in the world, and he got run down by the best Aussie bowler ever.
It just didnt make sense to him, but to me, it made perfect sense. Someone who gives everything his got everytime deserves everything he gets.

I will cheering as loud as i can for the big guy and should he lose, it will still be the greatest accomplishment by any Aussie bowler, if he should tell me what it would mean!!!!


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