Thursday, February 21, 2008

PBA world champs day 2

Well i bowled much better today. Started with 234, 270, 232, 225, 217. I was very happy and felt like i could keep that pace. I moved to the next pair and it was awful, i managed to bowl 194 but had no idea. From that pair i moved to an even nastier pair and shot 170, with a 4 bagger in the 8th,9th,10th and 11th.

I made the cross to the otehr end of the house and just had no ball reaction at all. Everyhting i tried looked disgracful. I finished 200,201. Total over 270 over the card which puts me in 12th.

I have to stay in the top 40 for matchplay but can grab 2 byes if i make the top thats the plan.

I need a way to strike in the last 3 games, i will try something different again tomorrow so i hope that works.

For those who know my idol, Andrew Frawley, if you chwck the leader board he is sitting in 4th. I have never seen him bowl so well.

After a shaky start, andrew was only 19 over with 7 games to go. He finished 399 over, bowling 2 (300) games along the way. He is BIG DADDY......He told me that it was the best 7 games he had ever bowled, i told him it was the best 7 games i had ever seen :)

Will let you know how we both go tomorrow


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