Wednesday, February 13, 2008


WOW...what a day

To win these megabucks two things have to happen. 1: you need to bowl great and 2: luck needs to go your way.

I bowled great to get to the round of 4 (in my division) with 4 left only 2 make it through. The guy on my pair was gone, he bowled 200 or something like that, the other 2 guys could bag out for 245 (His name is Craig) and Tom Smallwood could shoot 269. I bowled a great game but 3 ringing 10 pins meant i could ony bowl 237 if i punched out.

I was the first to bowl the 10th and i got up and jammed all 3 perfectly. This meant Craig needed a double and Tom needed a spare.

Craig is a very slow bowler and his 10th frame took a massive 14 minutes to finish. His first was light but a strike and his 11th was perfect. I thought i was done. Tom now only needed a spare and it was not looking good for me.

But after watching for 14 min, you get a little cold. His first shot was wide and almost left the 2-4-8-10, the 10 fell late. Neededing to convert an easy spare i still thought i was done. He let the ball go and the ball never read the lane. He missed it.... 236 for him, 237 for me.

I then had to play Craig to advance to the title match. I was leading by a yard a the half way point, but a open frame for me in the 8th and a string of strikes for Craig meant it was going down to the 10th.
He could bag out for 206 and i could get to 217. He was up first. Bang, bang, bang. 206. He bowled a great 10th frame. I now needed a strike to stay it, a strike, 9 spare for a tie and a double to win.

I bowled my first shot and the ball took off the break point and went high.....the 4-10 was standing.....briefly. The 4 fell and then the 10 fell late. The crowd errupted. I still needed another to make it to the final. I made a move and let it go perfectly. STRIKE.

i was in the final.

The final match was not so close, i bowling against Pete Tomas and Sol (forget his last name) i had the front 6 and the other guys had 1 open and no doubles.....I shot 255 to win the Mini.

I am so proud, i never expected to win the mini, but to now have both the mini and high roller titles, within a year, i am so happy.

YAY for me.

Anyway, Im in Milwaukee now for the USBC silver level coaching gig, (its had 4 foot of snow here by the way) and then off to Indy for the PBA world Champs.

Ill let you all know how it goes here and then in Indy

Be good


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