Tuesday, February 19, 2008

PBA World Championships

Hey guys,

The official PBA World Championship practice session was on today. The pattern is far from easy but is playable.
I am a little nervous, but i think thats healthy :)

The bowling centre is a 80 lanes centre (all the lanes in a row) its a sight to see, not to mention that the lane moves a large so moving pairs feels like walking from state to state.

The Pro's are great. Everyone i spoke with was more than happy to say hello and have a chat. These guys are bowling on a tour that requires more than just skill. Its the biggest mental grind i have ever seen. Not many people really understand how hard it is bowling on the hardest tour in the world.

Well tomorrow is the first day, im bowling the morning shift, so i hope i can get off to a great start.

Will let you all know how i go


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