Monday, February 11, 2008

2nd place at the Boot Hill

Hey guys,

The Boot Hill event at the south point hotel has finished. It was one of only two events I was allowed to bowl in since all these rule changes. The finals went like this:
round 1: all players bowl two games, the top half go to the next round
round 2: all players bowl one game, top half go on
round 3 and 4: same as round two
The show: four players on one pair. Highest game wins.

I lead the first round with a 479 and felt good

Shot 244 in my round and the lanes looked to be getting easier, but only on some pairs.
I then bowled on one of the tougher pairs and grinded my way to 224. Got a lucky break early, but missed a tenpin later on.
The scores that round were much lower than other rounds so with that score I made the final four.

I bowled a great game in the final match. We bowled on one of those easier pairs so the scores were high, but it was a great final. Going into the 10th, the scores (if we all struck out) was 255 for me 290, 246 and 244. It was tight, great for the crowd not so good for me.

I was up first and dead butted the first and the second. Now I could only come first or second. Cassidy schuab (a two handed lefty) needed only an 8 count to win. He threw it great and and struck out.

I finished second so I was happy with that. I have.cashed everytime I have Bowles so let's hope the scores keep coming.

I have the mini to bowl now so I'll let you know how I go.


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