Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I bowled 9 games today. The first 3 were awful. I felt like i had the lane to hit, but i was so nervous that my hands were slow slippery that i couldnt not hang on to the ball in my left hand.

I started 192, 212 and 160. I had no clue how to hang onto the ball. So i changed ball, even though it had a great reaction, it was useless in my hands if i couldnt hold it.

I changed ball, moved on the lane and so how managed to bowl 290. A get out game if i ever needed it. I backed that up with 2teen and then 247. I felt like i was going to make a run.
But in a 80 lane bowling centre, your going to find a few pairs that are funny. The next 3 pairs were very weird. I never could get a good start, i grinded my way to 202, 206 and 194. I finished 123 over and i think im in the top 30. I need to stay in the top 40, which is match play.

Tomorrow ill play much smarter and will bowl better (well thats the plan). Will let you know exactly how i go.


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