Friday, February 22, 2008

PBA World Champs Day 3

Day 3:

On the way to the bowl, Timmy, Frawls and I were stuck in the worst traffic. Debating wheather or not we should risk driving in the emergency lane, Col Trickle (Tom Cruise, Days of Thunder) entered Timmy's body and he managed to get out of the traffic, onto another highway and somehow got us into the bowl, 45 seconds before roll call started :)

The first 9 games were not so good for me. I had an awful ball reaction and felt like my good shots were to far inbetween my bad shots. After i realised i could not make the top 8, i played a little safe and tried to get some feel back.

I finished in 30th, about 70 pins inside the cut and was to face Chad Kloss. A PBA exempt bowler who bowled great all week.

The formatt is best of 7, first to win 4 games. Chad and I both had ok looks in practice, but when the lights turned, his stayed and i lost mine.

I lost the first match, but crawled back and won my next 2, playing a little strighter and much harder.
Right when i thought i had a great reaction, and chad didnt, the lanes played tricks on us both and the scores swapped, he had a great look and i had air.

HE won the 4th game by doubling in the 10th to shut me out, it was now 2-2.
I made another move, went further left and changed balls and again had a great look. Shot 230 and was in crusie mode, up 3-2 i thought i had the match in the palm of my hand, but once again the lane played some tricks and i got smashed in the 6th game. 3-3.
I made anotehr huge move left, got a little stronger ball and decided to play my A game. It was all over by the 6th frame, i had 4 strike and 2 spares, he had 1 spare, 4 opens and 1 strike.

I was through to the next round.....WOW, i know.

Also Frawls won his match in a gripping 7 gamer, doubling in the 8th and 9th to win, he plays Chris Warren next while i have to play some guy named Norm Duke :)

Will let you know how it goes for us both as soon as i can


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