Thursday, March 13, 2008

Brunswick Euro Challange: France

The biggest tournament on the European Tour.

BEC boasts over 90,000 Euro in prize money, on a challenging oil pattern. Not to mention the cut throat format. First it's 6 games qualifying with re-entries then the top 16 get 1 bye into the finals.

From there its best of 3 matches. Anything to can happen and usually does.

This is my first trip to France, Paris and i must say i am extremely excited to be here. I have a good history with this event, when it was in Greece (they moved it to France this year). I played twice, 5th the first year and then i won it in 2006.

France is quite nice (i have only scene from the airport to the bowl/hotel) but i have a good feel about it. Thats kind of important i guess when Kimberly and I are moving to France in May :)
The people are nice and willing to help, but from what i have heard Paris, the CBD, is like most major cities, people are in a hurry and not really to helpful. But ill make my own call when i visit Paris myself.

The bowl is about 35 min out side of the city so its not very busy and the roads are not packed with cars.

I bowl my first squad tonight at 5pm, so i hope i have good news to report after i bowl.

Be good


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