Friday, March 14, 2008

Qualifying at the BEC- France

There have been a few dramas with the internet at the bowl making jumping online a little hard.....but it seems to be working ok, for now.

I have bowled 2 squads and bowl squads i bowled rather well. First squad i shot 1373 and the 2nd squad i shot 1398. Sitting 2nd behind the one and only Martin Larsen from Sweden.
The lanes are tricky to start with, i have been playing a little to the right and throwing the ball hard up the lane with a bunch of forward roll. After the first 2 games i then get a little deeper and slow wheel the lane with a rapid fire (which I will say is one of the best bowling balls Storm have produced in the last year) and try and stay clean on the release.

The lanes are playing tight, i guess when there is a bunch of oil and the oil length is 40ft slowing down is the key.

Im going to have a few days off now and cheer on my room mate Andres Gomez and the big daddy Frawls. Hope they can go around me, cause if they do then Saturday we are all going to Paris to have a look at the most romantic city in the world, and dont worry ill be telling the boys that even though it is the city of love, im for looking and not for touching :)

Be good


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Porks said...

Gee you have a trusting wife, but I'm sure you are well aware of that..Good Luck...Porks