Sunday, March 30, 2008

US OPEN- Final day

The final day.

I was not feeling the best, had another early morning wake up and not much sleep because we finished late the night before and Billy lives 45 min away.

Got to bowl and i slowly stared to wake up.

I had to bowl Norm Duke in my first match and was hoping that if I got off to a flier i could catch the leaders and make the show. 170 something is not what i call off to a flier, but i did win my match, so i got my 30 pins.
The rest of the day was really and truly like a roller coaster. I would hit a great pair and bowl 240 then make the cross and shoot 170. I spared a heap better but on this pattern, nearly there only gives you a split not 9.
I was winning my matches and staying in touch. With 3 games to go i needed a run, i shot 223 and lost by 2 pins, with a soild 9 and ringing 10 to lose, then 247 with a win and i was 175 pins out with 2 games to go. If i could somehow shoot 250, 250 i was in.
NO GOOD. I hit an awful pair and had no clue where to bowl, 175....the dream was over :)

I finished 11th and was happy with how i played. Looking back i threw away so many pins and when i come back next year and bowl, thats something i will not do again.

My first US OPEN and i finished 11th, I'm happy.

Cant wait to go get home and see my wonderful wife and family. I miss them all very much.

Be good


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