Monday, March 17, 2008

BEC- The finals

Oh dear..... Thats about the only 2 words i can say with out 'bleeping' the text.

There was no reason to bowl as bad as i did. I had a good sleep in and I felt fine. Plain and simple I bowled bad.

I shot 170 something my first game, missed a single pin and was basically spraying painting the lane with my ball. I could see where I had to throw it but my hands decided that it would be better if they did what they wanted.
I must say though, I needed the first hit in the 10th to win the first game and I left a flush 9, but to be honest I didnt throw it perfect and even though the 9 pin could of fallen, I expected not to strike.

2nd game I bowled a tad better, 279 but i did get a couple of lucky breaks. It was 1-1 and i felt like all i had to do was stay soft and slow and I would hit the pocket. Funny thing though was my target was the same as the first game, so i dont know why I threw it so bad.

Anyway, in the 3rd game I struck every shot on the left lane, on the right lane i left a 10 pin, 9 pin, 7pin and a 2-8-10, Not to mention i missed the 10 pin by a yard.
The guy i bowled had 3 cross overs, 2 for a 4 bagger and ended up shooting 220 to my 161.

But i not saying his was lucky and thats why he won. Even though it may be true, if i bowled half of what i should of, i felt like the pattern would let me shoot at least 230......But you cant always bowl great and this time i bowled my worst when it counted the most.

As always when i lose i was not the happiest little Aussie, but Kimberly, like she always does, lifted me up and made me feel better about what happened.
I know, she really is the best.

Anyway, Im off to the states tomorrow and going to bowl the US OPEN. I'll meet Jason Walsh there and will let you know how we go.

Be good........


ps- Peter Ljung won the event, beating Mike Fagan from the USA. If you get a chance, check out and there is video of the final.


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