Saturday, March 29, 2008

US OPEN Day 2, 3 and 4

I have had a little trouble with this site getting my blogs up, but it seems to be ok now.

Day i bowled great, it was the 'burn' squad so by the first ball of the squad i was launching the ball over the left gutter, made almost all my spares and got a little unlucky at the wrong times to shot 105 over.....that score leaped frogged me into 2nd.
I was over the moon.

The next day i bowled about as bad as i could. -35 and never had a chance to improve my score. Everything i tried was awful, my ball reaction was either washout or big 4.
I dropped to 14th i think.

The 4th day was a roller coaster, The top 122 came back for 9 more games and the top 24 would be determined.
I started the day exactly how i finished the day off yesterday. 157.
I dropped from well inside the cut, to a little bit out. Not very happy.

I scrambled my way back and made every spare i could. I needed a big last game to make sure i was there and i bowled 237.

I qualified in 15th.

The same night we had the first 8 of 24 round robin matches.
I started awesome. 207 (with a open in the 10th) 246. With 30 pins for a win, winning is a huge factor. Then i bowled on what can only be described as the most evil pair in the building.

154, i lost all my timing, the ball reaction was awful and my confidence dropped faster than you could say "trouble".

I finished the day bowling dreadful, missed a bunch of spares and was really too tired to bowl well. I started the day at 6am to drive to the bowl, then we finished bowling that night at 10pm. I was spent.

Right now im 223 pins out from the show, after a good night snooze, anything could happen

Cheers and be good


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