Wednesday, March 26, 2008

US OPEN- Day 1

135 over the card is where I am after day 1.

And let me be the first to say that my score did not reflect how i bowled. I really should be about 35 over. I got very lucky today, but this is one game that when you get a break or 2 or 10, you must capitalize on it and I did.

The lanes are not easy at all, some pairs seem easier than others but on a whole, no pair is easy. The low end of the centre is about 20 boards drier and i ended up throwing over the left gutter and the high end is extremely tight down lane.

Making the cross is the hardest thing to do, you just have no idea where to stand or where to bowl.

Anyway, im off to a good start and I hope i can keep the luck going my way.

Ill let you know how it all goes after i bowl tomorrow



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