Sunday, November 11, 2007

Road to the world cup- I have never been so proud/upset

There are times in everyone’s life that moments don’t seem quite real.
Ann-Maree Putney (AMP) was bowling on the TV pair and I was with Andrew Frawley sitting 10 lanes to her right watching the bowling on the huge TV screen that had set up.
I told Andrew that for some reason AMP looked like she had for seen the future. So positive, so confident. I knew that she knew, she was going to win.
She has been to the world cup more than anyone else I know, and always makes the TV show. This time, I can see the look in her eyes; this time there was no one in the building that was to take what is rightfully hers.

Strike after strike, she repeated her shots better than I have ever seen her do. There was fire in her belly and she let that fire out through every shot she bowled.

I kind of felt sorry for the Korean..... "Does she know what she is in for?" I said to Andrew.

The 2nd game. So important. She struck, and then again for a double after a few troublesome and stubborn corner pins.
I screamed "that’s our girl". She just didn’t stop striking. Andrew and I were up on our feet every shot, yelling support.
The 10th frame. She let the ball go and it was a little in, get there we yelled. High on the head pin and the 4 pin the last pin to fall.........

I looked at Andrew and jumped on him. WE HAVE ANOTHER WORLD CHAMPION.
I ran to the lanes and gave AMP the biggest hug whispering in her ear," You are such a good girl, im so proud of you."
Years of near finishes, had built up years of torment from this event. AMP is a tough girl, I have never seen her cry, but there were tears of joy flowing.

I had never been so proud of a fellow bowler in my life. I knew what this meant to her and to see her dream come true....well, I have no words to describe how happy I am for her.

My turn:

I watched the men’s matches, hoping to see a pattern developing. I did, Bill Hoffman from the USA was striking alot. But that’s ok; I can strike with the best of them.
I walked out to congratulate Bill for winning his match and say sorry to one of my best friends Andres Gomez. Andres worked so hard to get to the TV show, and his scores do not tell the picture of well he bowled.

I started 148, for the first game of the final..... I was no more nervous than I have been in other events, but for some reason everything looked small. My target, the lanes, I don’t know how to explain it.
I was not so positive in my body language, I was in trouble.
I had asked Andrew to sit with me and be my coach on the lanes. I have trusted Andrew with my bowling and he could possibly be the only person in the world I would ever let sit with me while bowling.
He did what a great coach does. Relaxed me without me even knowing he was doing it. Talking about everything else other than my bowling. We both knew where I had to move to, he just wanted to make sure I was going to throw the ball the way I can.

It worked like a charm. I felt so relaxed while bowling, laughing softly in between shots. The lane started to appear larger and my target was huge. 268 and felt I now have a chance to win.

It's amazing how in every match there is a moment where at the end of the game you look back and say "that changed everything".
Bill tripped the 4-9 and a Brooklyn strike in frames 4 and 5, to give him a turkey.
I felt like someone had taken the wind out of my sails. This was so unlike me. I never worry about the other guy, and I never lose my positive attitude.

I think this is what im more upset with myself about; I let it all get to me. I didn’t show it physically, but mentally I was thinking "why is he so lucky, give me a break".

The 9th frame came and I needed to strike out. I made a move left on the approach and for a change I let it go good, perhaps too good. The ball jumped off the spot and I left a 4- 10. Bill had already won, 3 strikes in the 10th would mean Bill needed -1 on his first shot.

I was so upset. Still am really. I wanted this so bad, but I let fear get into the way. "What if I lose" "What if I leave a pocket 8 pin and he carries everything" These are not the thoughts of someone who truly thinks he will win the world cup. AMP didn’t come close to thinking them.

The old saying, you live and learn, is so true, but along with that saying you need patience.
Im young and I know I will win a world cup in my life time; I just wanted it the easy way.
Never again will I let fear stop me from winning.

I just want to say thank you, on behalf of AMP and myself for all the support via this website or via messages.
We are truly proud to be Australian and it’s a wonderful thought knowing a country is right behind you.


And......I will be some day, well that’s the plan!

Jason Belmonte


Howard said...

No sour grapes - no spitting the dummy - no hysterics - just a simple analysis of your performance,a determintion to overcome and praise for the others. This all adds up to a true champion's attitude. Pam & I are very proud to know you.
Howard Chapman.
NSW Australia

D. said...

Any final match is a tricky affair.
Bill was on fire indeed plus a little luck in the last game, which should have been yours.
Just remember that you have to win the next AMF Cup, it's that simple. You have to pay back the credit. Among others, to all of us who supported you from the stands.
Unfair as it may be to the winner, did you notice how much more cheers you were getting from spectators? Don't let us down. You're still the best

One of those guys who's now got a photo with you. ;)
St. Petersburg, Russia