Monday, November 5, 2007

Day 1, off to a good start

Day 1,

The lanes played so different to the practice it was amazing. The oil carried down further and played so much tighter.
I could get to the pocket with out to much drama but because of the carry down, carrying the 10 pin made life a little hard. In saying that, if you hit your tarhet at both the arrows and at the break point, the carry was great. The bowling centre has great carry by nature, so when you threw it good you struck.

I shot 1452 for 6 and felt like i bowled well. A couple of pairs were tricky but in general i felt like each lane did what i thought they would do.

The scoreing pace is much lower than normal world cups and i think that it suits me that way. With the tight lane pattern and seeing how importing sparing everything is, i feel i have a great chance to do well.

But each day is a new day and in this game 2 days are never the same, so lets hope i bowl well

Will let you know


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