Saturday, November 10, 2007

Road to the World Cup- The final


So i have made the final 3. I bowled amazing in the 8 game, top 24 round. I shot 2038 for 8 games which broke the previous record set by good mate, Osku Palermaa.
Seemed like everytime i let the ball go it wetn right where i wanted it to and i let it go perfect. That gave me a huge lead going into the top8 round robin portion the following day.
I started the round robin a little slow, lost my first match 205-246 to 2nd place Bill Hoffman, with 30 pins for a win, my head started to crunch some numbers and i know in this format, 250 is not impossible to catch.
I couldnt get going, bad ball reaction along with a few bad shots resulted in some poor games.
Bill came within 130 pins with 2 games to go. I made a drastic move on the lane and played much straighter, further to the right.
Good move i think.....
I bowled a perfect 300 and put my number seeded position out of reach.

Now i have to play the winner of Andres Gomez of Columbia and Bill Hoffman of the USA......

Im nervous because i know who ever wins that match will be extremly tough to beat....

Wish me luck


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