Thursday, November 8, 2007

Day 4- Road to the World Cup

Today was so much tougher on the lanes than any other day.
To explain what i mean, pair to pair was again tricky but the lanes were so different to the otehr 3 days it was really confusing.
I bowled great and scored 1400 for 6 games. No games over 257 and no games under 223. I made all my spares and hot the pocket so much more today.
The backends were so tight, carrying the 10 pin was extremley hard.

I increased my lead by a few more pins, which is good, but the way that the other guys are bowling, it would only take an 'ok' day and the boys could run around me.

I have 8 games left of qualifying with the top 24 then a further 8 games round robin with the top 8

If i make my spares and bowl well, ill be there bowling for the title and thats all i want to do.


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