Sunday, November 4, 2007

Road to the Bowling World CUP

Hey all,

Sorry for the delay in this. Russia has not the internet advancements as many other countries i go to, so finding time to find some internet has not been easy, but as of today the bowling centre has opened some free wireless.

It took me over 30 hours to get to St. PetersBurg, Russia, but the prize that awaits is so worth the time spent cramped on a 747 QANTAS plane.

The city is full of rich history and culture. When i get some more time ill explain more in depth.

We finished the practice session today, the lanes are ok. Easy like they have been over the years at the world cup, but the biggest difference is the oil and the pairs. The oil carries down the lane extremely fast and pair to pair is a little tricky. in saying that the scores will still be very high but i dont think anyone is going to break and records this year.

i start bowling at 12pm my time, so ill let you know how i go when im done.

I´ll also write a little story in the sites when i can....some amazing buildings and churches here



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