Monday, October 1, 2007

The last supper!

Sorry for late entry.... A couple of the hotels we stayed at didnt have internet access, and because we finish quite late, there was nothing open near by either.

So tonight was the last night of the Storm Fair. We all had a blast. Pete and I had some side action on the games, 1000 Yen a game and 1000 for series. I am happy to report i made 4000 off him :)

Thing though is that we are all having so much fun, sometimes you forget that you are gambling and do trick shots for spares or strikes and can lose a game by a couple of pins, well that was the excuse Pete gave me hahaha

After the bowling we went to a really nice Korean BBQ place, where you cook your own food. Sounds funny, i mean we pay top dollar for food we have to cook ourselves haha.

Pete stood up and gave a great speech to close the night off, he may of had a couple of wines but his Japanese was spot on :)

All the guys went on out to a karoke club....not my scene so i stayed at the hotel and chilled out with Tommy Delutz for a little.
What a top bloke he is...... Will be adding him to my facebook for sure :P

Anyway, i really enjoyed my time in Japan. The team over here were amazing to work with and not only did i work with some of the greatest bowlers i know, i learnt a bunch from them too, not to mention laughed about 80% of the time i was around them.

Some of the stories the guys told (which i can not repeat here anyway) were 1 in a million.

I have a 4pm flight out tomorrow to Panama where ill meet Jason Walsh. Will be great to hang out with him and bowl in a high quality event.
Hope i can throw the ball as well as i have been throwing it here in Japan

Will let you know


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