Friday, September 28, 2007

The worlds largest bowl!

I have been to Las Vegas a few times now and i thought their bowls were big. One particular bowl there was called The Showboat, later renamed to Castaways. It was 106 lanes. 70 in a straight line, then a round the corner 36 more.

Thats nothing !!!!!

Nagoya, the city i am in, has a bowling centre called 'The Grand Bowl'. They didnt lie.
156 lanes split over 3 levels. 52 on each. Up untill a year ago they actually had another 52, making it 258 lanes, but due to costs of running so many lanes, the sold the equipment on the 4th floor and did some renovations to the other levels.

Nothing more weird than changing lanes from 136 to lane 88. Seeing a lane with 3 digits is really funny. Would hate to have to move from lane 154 to lane 4 :) better call a taxi :)

The demo day went well, not quite as busy as the last few days, we got out of there a little eariler, 1030pm. But we signed more autographs than ever. At least 300 people needed shirts, bags, shoes, pictures, towel, posters and a couple of arms to be signed, the whole group felt like our hands were going to freeze up from siging so many things.
I have been trialing some new bowling balls here for Storm, and i have been using the Sure Fire and the new Attitude Shift. Both are now coming everywhere with me....keep a look out for these too, they really are worth every penny.

Off to do another demo, will let you know where and how it all went.


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