Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day 1 of the KPBA

OK so the format goes like this.....

16 games qualifying split over 2 days (8 and 8). The top 32 come back and bolw another 8 games. From there the top 12 play a round robin and then a top 5 TV show.

I was to bowl in B squad. The carry down squad. A squad finished and the scores were very big, the top 6 in the squad shot over +300 and the top 70 were averaging the card.
Bad news for us right handers is that this bowl is left handed friendly and the lefties have an amazing look.
This got me a little nervous because the fresh looked great but the carry down got messy.

My first few shots looked ok, I was playing up 15 out to about 7. Then i dont know what happened, but my ball could not stay right of the head pin.
I moved a little left and the ball wouldn't move......There was somuch oil in the middle of the lane and the carry down of that oil made for a very small backend. If your pace was a little quick, your ball missed the head pin, if you missed right the ball just flew off the spot and went high.

I moved rather deep and slowed my ball speed right down and put a few rev's on the ball and just played in the oil.
It was ok, one pair killed me, hitting the pocket was not so hard, knowcking them over was impossible, 178 (and yes i missed the 3-6-9 twice).

I finished up something like 240 over, i didnt see the scores before i left, i had to hurry back to the hotel for dinner then bed.

Tomorrow i play on the fresh, and i know my scoring pace has to be high or i could fall way down. Hope i can knock them over a few more times today.

Will let you know how it all goes



Rimsy said...

Good luck Belmo. Any word on what PBA players are attending?

Belmo said...


There are 4 PBA guys. Chris Barnes, Billy O'neil, Mike Fagan and Sean Rash, plus Timmy Mack.

On top of that there is 40 something JPBA players and the rest are KPBA players.

Its great watching these guys bowl