Thursday, September 6, 2007

The 2nd block and the finals

Didn't get a chance to write last night, i was extremly tired, so ill give you the run down of yesterday and today.

I bowled the fresh last night and the lanes were much easier, i could play around the 2nd arrow ad the ball went down the lane very smoothly.
I made some bad shots when i needed it, but i knew that if i could limit myself to 1 bad shot a game, i would be happy.
I finished 524 over for my 16 games qualifying and was sitting 6th. The lefties are killing us, with 3 in the top 4, but i feel like if i bowl well enough i can make the TV show.

The finals started at 9am this morning. I flew out of the gates, 243, 259 and 267. I was only behind the lead by 91 and felt like the ball was going to strike every time it hit the pocket.
I moved to a really bad pair and was 41 in the 4th frame, somehow i managed to get to 202. Bad news though was i lost about 70 on the leaders.
From that game i could find a rythem or line to the pocket that was good enough to keep up. I finished with games 224,194,226 and 237. Not bad but when the field is averaging 240, its not good.

I make the top 12 round robin in 8th position. There was no reoiling between the break (which was bad news for me).
We played 6 of the 12 games today and tomorrow we play the other 6. The only good news was that in the round robin you get 30 pins for a win, i had about 100 pins to catch and if i could somehow bowl well, with those bonus pins, i could bridge the cap quickly.
I started slow again, 202 and 220. My ball just didnt hit the pins like i wanted it to.
I made a small change in speed and release and shot 268, then followed it by 266, then 237 and 226.
I made a few pins and am now sitting 5th, with the top 5 making the TV show.
The lefties are killing everyone, top 4 are lefties then me, then the guys behind me are only a few pins back.
Tomorrow i need to GET ON!

Will let you know if i won ro not


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