Thursday, September 27, 2007

Japan Part 2

Another day, another city.

What do we do???

Ok so everyday we do 3 hours of 1 on 1 coaching, followed by about 1 hour of a ball demo (we are using some asian release bowling balls) that is then followed by a quick dinner then a 4 game Pro-Am with at least 6 on a pair.
We start about 2pm and finish about 11pm everyday. It is a long day but we get to do what we love (bowl and help people) so the time does fly, but by the end of the day you are completly stuffed.
The hotel rooms in Japan are very small, almost like a areoplane toilet size (not kidding) and every morning we travel on abus from anywhere from 2-6 hours to get to our next host city.

Bowling with Pete, Tommy and Timmy is great fun, we all put in $40 each (along with the JPBA bowlers) in the pro-am and play some pot games to make the night a little more fun.
The first night i got swept, but last night i shot 1089 for my 4 games and won 3 ot of the 4 ($10 each a game)...... Got my revenge :)

I have to run, i am getting called as im writting this to hurry up :), the Japanese run a very tight ship let me tell you, everything is followed to the minute.

Best be off


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