Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Let the Tour begin


The Japanese and Storm have a very close working relationship, Japan rank 3rd in the world regarding to Storm ball sales, so for the past 10 years, Storm along with Japanese bowling company HI-SPORTS, began a travelling coaching/demo tour around Japan.
Storm sends their best pro's to this event and i have been lucky enough to of joined them once before in 2005.
This trip Storm and Roto Grip have sent, myself, Pete Weber, Tommy Deluze Jr, Tim Mack, Steve Klopeken, Purvis Granger, Hank Boomershine and Chris Schlemmer.
We travel to 6 cities in 7 days and do Pro Am's plus one on one coaching with as many bowlers as we can fit into the day.
When i came here in 2005 everyday was packed with bowlers and families wanting to be taught by some of the worlds best bowlers, i also remember in 2005 a few 2 handed bowlers, so maybe ill see a few more this time around.

The tour starts in Osaka and ends in Toyko (West to East of the country). The days are long starting at 10am and finishing around 10pm, but its a great chance for me to learn from the best and be able to hang out with bowlers who i have looked up to for many years.

Ill let you know how it all goes


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