Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day 2- The road to the world cup

OK, so we started at 8am today......

Im not the best person in the morning on the best of days, so when i have to start at 8am with not to much sleep (jet lag is really killing me this time) i felt like it was going to be tough to compete at a level i would be happy with. But like all times when i bowl, i get a little nervous and the body seems to perk up.

I started great....249, 255 and 245, or something like that. Then i hit a couple of pairs which have gained a reputation in the centre as 'crappy'. I shot 190 and 213, then finished off with 222.
I missed 3 makable spares and through a few really bad shots, so i was not very happy with my bowling but my score was much better than i thought it should be.

I play at 8pm tomorrow, so i hope a good night sleep and a little time to unwind will help a bunch.

Will let you know what happens....wish me luck


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