Sunday, January 13, 2008

ABF Tour, Tournament of Champions

Hey guys,

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New year. I have had about six weeks off from bowling and must admit that I have really enjoyed the time off. Spending most of my time with my wonderful wife Kimberly. But its now back to work.
I am in Jarkarta, Indonesia. Only 7 hours flying time so that was nice.
The event I am playing in is call the Tournament of Champions. Basically you have to qualifiy by attaining points through out the 2007 abc tour.
The formats for this is the top 16 guys in points come here and bowl a 15 game round robin to then cut to the top 8. Once that happens we then play a 1 game match and if you lose your out. Win 3 matches and you win the event. That sounds good, but what makes that so much harder is the lane pattern.
Day one and two where completly different, some pairs play 42 feet others play 32 feet. There is not much oil on the lane so by the end of the day everyone is throwing the ball hard. I finished in 6th after the round robin and was so glad it was over. Today is the tv shows for the matches, I am playing the number 2 seed. Which is ok, its the two practice balls you get I'm worried about, normally most people need at least 3 minutes. But that's how its done is Asia. Wish me luck

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