Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Qatar Open Final

The last 16 and i felt like i had a great chance.

I played where i did the day before and 'shocker' the edge was out of play....169 first game and now needed some help. I bowled 223 223 to get back into the game.
The last game i needed all 3 in teh 10th for 220 to force anoter guy from the UAE to double. I hit them all and waited..... He missed.

Now only 8 and i had a match against Wu Su Hong, from Hong Kong.

The format was total pinfall over 2 games.

if we both struck out in the 10th i would going into the 2nd game 2 pins up. He went first and rolled the 2-10, then tripped a 4 pin for the double.
I left a ringing 10 with a messenger that went in front.....SWEET! Now im down by 20.

The right lane was great for me, the left was awful, no opens but no doubles. Su Hong washed out in the 9th and made it, forcing me to double to shut him out.

I stuck on the approach a little, but it didnt really bother me too much, i missed left at the arrows and it never had a chance. I left the 3 pin.

Su Hong needed a mark and proceeded to dead nut the next 3 shots.

He went on to run 2nd (losing to Kirsten Penny from England). She did what i didnt do against Su Hong, doubled for the $50,000US first place prize check. AMAZING i know.

For me top 8 finish is ok, im salty about missing that shot now (not to many chances to bowl fo $50,000) but i learnt something that i didnt know before.......10th frames are no different than 1st frames.....so i need to throw the ball like its my first shot............

Cant wait to get home and see my wonderful wife. I miss her soo much.

Anyway...next stop is Las Vegas, USA...... hope i can hit the 10th frames better there


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