Sunday, January 13, 2008


The final was bowled on the 'up staris' portion of the bowling centre. We never bowled a ball up there and the only practice we get is 2 balls.
It's actually a joke! 2 balls on a pair of lanes with a different pattern, on a pir we have not bowled on all week, on TV, what did they expect to happen to the scores.

The guy i bowled against bowled 4 good shots for the match, 1-4 frames were strikes, the rest of the game was filled by missing the headpin, basically having no chance to strike.
Me on the other hand had 4 good shots too, 2 struck, then a 7 pin then a 10 pin.

Going into the 10th he needed to open and i needed to bag out to win. He ,isse dthe headpin to the right and left a simple spare......It was all over.

I voiced my thoughts as to how much of a joke the final was today (granted i was a little pissed from loosing, but it needed to be said) and only time will tell if the powers that be open their eyes and use some common sense.

Im off to QATAR tonight to bowl in teh Qatar Open.....$50,000 US for first and hopefully this event will be run the way tournaments should be....


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