Sunday, January 20, 2008

The last day of qualifying

Well....what an up and down day.

Yesterday i through away 2 chances of making it to the top 8. Bad bowling combined with a couple of dodgy pairs of lanes gave me no chance. My score was true, i didnt bowl any better than 120 over and 128 over. Of course there was a few un lucky breaks but i got my fair share too.
I was not in the best of moods but knew with 1 day with, anything can happen.

I came in and started with a positive out look on the day. I bowled in the part of the lane that i did the day before but for some weird reason there was no shot there at all..... i had no chance, i started with 160 somethingand the used the other 5 games as expensive practice :)

I had 1 chance left, 1 squad left to improve my score and try to get into the top 8 or at least the top 16 (top 8 gets 2 byes, top 16 gets 1)
I played the insdie part of the lane (because there was no shot on the gutter the squad before) and amazingly inside looked awful. I quickly went wide, through it hard and bagged out for 202.
Next 2 games were 223 and 224, or something like that. The back to back 267's i needed 210 the last game and i was in the top 8 for sure.
I bowled an awful first 6 frames and needed a double in the 10th for 206 (which would be enough) i went up and left the greatest smash 8 pin ever :)
Im happy though i get 1 bye and i know that the 8pin didnt cost me the top 8, it was the 9 frames before it.

Not to worry though i get a little sleep in (bowling starts at 1pm, so i start at 4pm) like i said, a little sleep in :)

Will let you know how i play tomorrow, i hope i have great news for you all


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