Sunday, August 31, 2008

World Champs- Sinlges

With a great chance to win a gold in the all events, my heart rate in the morning before my squad was a little faster than normal haha

All i wanted to do was bowl well and let what ever happens happen.

I started the first 9 frames great....from there it was all down hill. I opened 4 out of 6 10th frames, 3 due to bad shots, missed a bunch of spares and got more and more frustrated as the day went on.
Looking back at it all now, i think i could of shot 50-80 over no worries. But as it happened 40 under was what i ended up with.

I was extremely upset with my performance and spent the next 30 minutes (after i finished) cursing myself in a hidden room in the ball park :)

With all that said, I still had to keep my head high, masters was the day after and i needed my head to be clear

Will let you know how i went in the masters


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Jean Gabriel said...


Do you really take ur heart rate or it's what you felt?

Forest bowler, a french bowler