Friday, August 22, 2008

World Championships- Official Practice

This is it..... The big one.

This is the the tournament that everyone wants to bowl their best. It has the most prestige and now with the Pro's allowed to play, winning a gold (or any medal for that matter) will be all the sweeter.

The Australian is made up of 6 guys, Andrew Frawley, Jason Walsh, Mac Stewart, Glen Loader, Jarrod Lean (my room mate) and myself. Its a very well balanced team and I really think if we bowl our best, anything can happen.
The official practice was today and we got a taste of the duel patterns. The short played much easier than we all though. With the last 4 boards giving everyone free hook, the scores are going to be extremely high. The long on the other hand was much more tricky. The oil would move very fast and the heads would dry up after a few games.
The shot seems to be on the long, left and the shot on the short is where it always is, way out side.

Most teams experienced similar ball reactions to ours, so we know that everyone is in the same boat, its going to be a matter of who puts their striking shoes on better than anyone else.

The doubles start tomorrow, Im paired up with Jason Walsh and together we have a good chance of doing great. All we need is the luck to go our way and for us to do the rest.

Will keep you posted our the results go and how I played.

Be good and wish me luck


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