Tuesday, August 26, 2008

World Champs- trios

The trios event has now finished and bad news for Australia, there were no medals won in this event.

Walshy, Frawls and I had a chance going into today. We started great 720, then the wheels came off. With a game to go, we could still get there but we needed plenty of strikes.
The lanes had changed from pair to pair a fair bit, but the last pair fooled us.

The idea was to move inside with a stronger ball and just ping it at the gutter, the problem was that we had all played further right and didnt know that the shot was further left till it was too late.

I shot 651 today and gave away a few pins in bad shots. I was happy though because it could of been much much worse.

Still our heads must stay high and now we look forward to the teams event. The long oil in the teams starts tomorrow so ill be sure to let you know how I go.


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