Monday, August 25, 2008

World Champs- Doubles and trios

Doubles was the first event I was to play. I was paired up with Jason Walsh and together I thought if we bowled well we could get into the top 4 and win a medal.

We started the practice we both had a great look. Walshy bowled great and so did I. The difference between us was that we beat me by 40 pins.
I shot 179 and left the 9 pin 3 times, the 10 pin 5 times, the 2 pin once and a 2-8-10. The normally dont complain about carry because if you leave these pins that many times it means you need to change something. Silly thing was I did everything in 10 frames to strike. I moved, slowed down, speed up, changed truly was amazing.
But the luck (or bad luck I had) didnt stop there. The next 2 games I missed the pocket 3 times and had 3 pocket spilts, a few more 9 pins and a bunch more 10 pins.
I was frustrated and i am sure that the frustration and the doubt in my mind about the carry added to constant misfortune. Walshy and I didnt have a chance at the medal so we relaxed a little and started to bowl much better. I got to 130 something over and Walshy got to 50 something.
Kept us alive for all events and gave us a little more confidence for the trios.

The doubles was won by the USA who beat Sweden in one of the greatest matches I have seen. Cant wait to watch the tape and remember it all over again :)

The trios was on the long. I was with Walshy and Frawls and again, we knew if we bowled well we would have a great chance to set ourselves up for a medal. The trios was 3 games on long oil and 3 games on short oil.
Today was only the long oil part.
The long oil is far from long. The oil volume is basically nothing and what oil there is on the lane evaporates within a few frames.

We shot -16 for our 3 games as a team and are 100 off to the pace. We need a massive day on the short oil, but with some luck and great bowling...... I know we will win a medal.
My striking shoes need to be on tight and tomorrow when I walk into the bowling centre my attitude on how to attack the pins will be much much different.

Will keep you up dated


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