Tuesday, September 2, 2008

World Champs- Masters!

The masters event.

the last chance I had to win a medal. The format, whilst I hate it (for so many reasons) was the best chance i had for a medal considering my reaction.
Best of 5, on 2 patterns and i had to win just 2 matches for a medal.

I played Dom Barrett of England first up and I chose the short oil pattern to start. Basically every game we would change to the opposite pattern. the most weird and stupid part of how we played the games was it was only on 1 lane each.
Meaning the bowler who went first in that game, would be the bowler applying the pressure all game.......SO STUPID.
But it was what it was.
I started great, 250 something on the short and then doubling in the 10th for 2teen on the long to go to a 2-0 lead. One more win and I was into the next round.
The next 2 games i truly thought I should of won either of the 2 games. I shot 225 on the short oil, with a solid 8 pin and a ring 10, and Dom carried a few messengers and bounced a 2-8-10 split out of the back to give him the upper hand and shoot 240.
No worries. I was still leading and only needed 1 more win.
i then started the next game on the long solid 7, solid 9 and then a turkey. Dom had the front 4 with 2 of them having the possibility of leaving something.
He then left a 10 pin in the 5th frame and in the 7th he missed the head pin to the right, he spared both those frames. The next 3 frames summed the game up for me. I left a solid 9, then a strike, then a pocket 4-9. He tripped the 4 pin, threw a great shot, then sent the ball wide and mixed the pins up for the turkey.
Going into the 10th he needed a mark and threw it great and struck, shutting me out.
I felt robbed, i bowled better by 30 pins but Dom beat me by 20. Bowling is the craziest game!!!!!

The 5th and deciding game is the easiest to describe. Dom bowled like a pro, throwing the ball great for 10 frames and I bowled like I did when i was bowling in the Tuesday Afternoon 4:30pm Junior comp.
I was out played and in that game he deserved to win. I was not upset with my bad breaks or his good fortune, thats how bowling is, its been that way forever and it will always be decided in close games by a little bit of luck. I was more upset at how I let it all get to me.
Normally I take it on the chin and shake my head a little but then forget about it. When a medal at the World Champs can be won, holding onto those bad feelings of misfortune is the worst thing you can do.
I didnt shake it off, I held onto those feelings the whole match, resulting in me not concentrating on my game and what i was to do in the future frames, but what had already happened.
A true 4:30pm junior mistake!!!!!
A mistake I will not let happen again!!!!!!!!

Dom will be the best bowler to come out of England ever....PERIOD. He has a great game, he can play anywhere on the lane and his ball speed control is excellent for someone his age (22). He also has a great personality which in this game is what we need more of!!!
I have no doubt that Dom and I will be bowling for major titles in the future, just hope he lets me win a couple of them :)

Dom went on to claim bronze and Walter Ray Williams of the USA (the best to of ever thrown a ball) won the gold.

Overall i felt my performance at this years World Champs was awful. I never hit my straps in any of the events and for some reason i was bowling with more fear in my head rather than aggression.
Kimberly and my mum did make me feel better by saying that a bad event for me (like this) was 7th in the all events......many guys would take 7th in a heart beat, so i did smile a little about that!

Next ill be off to Japan and Korea in 2 weeks.

Will keep you all updated on those 2 trips.


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