Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Special Surprise

the best part about the World Championships was the surprise I got early one morning from my Mother.

At 830am my house phone called, my mobile called and there was knocking at my hotel door.....ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

My room mate Jez, answered the house phone, i answered my mobile and then i slowly stumbled out of bed and went to the door. My dad was on my mobile, asking me if I was awake. At 830am Im not the happiest guy in the world and crankily told him "well I am now DAD" He was asking me to answer the door (How did he know someone was at the door??????) Before i could ask him that question, I opened the door and saw my mother standing in front of me.
Its been almost 3 months since I had seen, since moving to France and it was a great surprise that she was standing there.

My eyes were still half open and I must of looked like $hit haha but she hugged and kissed me and was very excited to see me.

It was the best surprise and spending the couple of days with her in Thailand was great. It really made me miss home and think of home much more.
Mum is the best cheer girl, screaming for the team each frame no matter what our scores are. For example. 1 game in the sinlges i was 36 in the 4th frame.
And when i struck in the 5th frame, she yelled ' COME ON AUSSIE, strike out!!!!!!!!!!" hahaha not too likely considering that when someone is 36 in the 4th frame their reaction is not so good hahaha
But she yelled it out and it made me smile!!!!

Anyway....I just wanted to say thanks to Mum for coming over and supporting me......wished I had of struck a little more for you!

Love you Ma


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