Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Day 1 - This event has treated Australians ok. Last year my idol and great mate, Andrew Frawley made the show and i hope to copy his performance this year.
The lane pattern is ok, the scores will be high but i think that scores will come from the surface of the lanes, rather than the oil pattern.
Let me explain.
The surface is very old and beat up and a track seems to have been burnt into the lane. Thus making a defined hook spot down lane. The pattern is not on the hard end, combined with the help of the lanes, scores will be rather high.

I bowled my first of 3, 6 games blocks today and bowled very consistent. Low game of 232 and a high game of 247. I had my chances in a couple of the games to get to 250 mark but with a bad shot here and there I couldnt break the 240 barrier. But as long as your low game is in the 230's, i think its safe to say that 247 is a great game.

I used the new Hy-Road basically all day and it looked great. Mix a great ball reaction with good sparing, it equals quite a good day at the office.
The format is long though, so i just have to make sure i bowl equally as good in the next few days.

I finished the day at 227 over and am sitting 2nd behind Sean Rash, he is at 266 over.

I bowl the last squad tomorrow, so i have a few hours between the squad i just finish and tomorrow nights squad, which ill use watch a couple of movies and no doubt watch some bowling :) (isnt that what bowlers do haha)

Be good


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