Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 2 and 3 of the PBA World Champs

Yesterday was a little bit of a grind.
I started with a couple bad breaks mixed with a couple bad shots to start the day a little slow. I didnt really pick the pace up to much but i didnt want to push, make a bad ball choice and shoot a couple of low games. I stayed consistent and shot 109 over for my second squad....basically it keep me near the top.
The lanes played much drier than they did the first day and my angle of entry was a little different, hence the solid 9's and flat 10's i left all day.

Today was, well, more like a roller coaster. I played the burn squad and the nick name for the carry down squad lived up to its name.
The left end of the house hooks like 15 boards more and i really didnt know which ball to use. I guessed and like usual i guessed wrong haha
188 out of the blocks and started to feel a little pressure. I struck in the fill shot with a different ball (Hy-Road) so i felt i could string a few together with that ball.
String a few together i did.... I bowled my first ever PBA 300. It was a great feeling. I have bowled 300 in many countries, on TV, but this was one was nice. I was very proud and excited.
The perfect game calmed me down a little and i was much more relaxed. Finished the day with 162 over and am now sitting 5th with a squad to go.

One more big day and ill make the top 8 and get the all important byes into the round of 16.

Will keep you up to date


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Justin said...

Great outing Jason! Looking forward to seeing you on your first show! Know you'll make it! Be rootin' for ya. Congrats on your first PBA 300! That's huge! Keep chargin' for the top!

2 handed compatriot in Paradise.