Monday, October 27, 2008

The best and the worst days

The cashes round.

I was in a great position to remain in the top 8. Sitting 4th, with a 50 pin kicker from the top 8. The format for the cashes round is 9 games straight.
9 games against the best bowlers in the world meant if I didnt bowl great, i could easily fall out of the top 8 and if that happened, i would have to play 2 extra best of 7 matches.
I started the day with a huge break in the 10th frame for 234. That single break took all pressure off my shoulders and i felt like i could just relax and bowl.

Bowl I did. I made every single spare, almost every single spilt and threw the ball amazing. I was lofting the left gutter cap a fair bit and was in a part of the lane that noone else was, giving me the advantage of going pair to pair with a lot more confidence.
I shot 418 over for 9 games and ended up leading the field by 240 pins and securing the number 1 seed.

I was extremely excited at the prospect and now i just had to wait for 2 matches to see who I had to play.

Here comes the 'worst' part of the story.

I waited around and watched Chris Barnes come back from 3-0 down to win against Tom Baker.
I was really happy to bowl Barnes. If your going to win a major, you always want to knock out the best along the way.

I started the match GREAT. 236 and 247 to go to a 2-0 lead. Chris wasnt looking good and i was looking great. I felt like i had a great chance to win the match,
The something happened. I dont know what, but all i know is that what ever happened turned me into a nervous and un-focused player.
Chris got a little lucky in games 3 and 4, by going brooklyn 4 times over the 2 games to create 2 four baggers in both those games.
I didnt really get unlucky, i just did strike as much as i could of. The 5th game i gave away, missing spares left right and centre and then the 6th game was practically over by the 8th.

I was more upset with how i spared in the match then actually losing. I missed a bunch of spares, considering the only spare i missed in 27 games of qualifying was a single 3-6-9-10.
Chris was nice and apologized for some of his lucky breaks, but thats how the games goes. Its been there from the beginning and luck will be with bowling till the end of time.

The only positive i can take is over a many games i know i can compete with the i just need to learn how to break down a pair of lanes in the best of 7 matches.....Patience and practice and i know i will master it.

Cheers for everyones support over the past 7 days. Means a lot

Be good


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